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I mentioned in my previous post that I am currently watching a kdrama entitled When the Weather is Fine. I just finished it, literally just finished it and honestly I'm still overwhelmed. First, I can't believe I actually finished it. Second, I can't believe it's really over 😭 I posted a story on Instagram after watching the first two episodes. I mentioned there that they were soooo slow. Like, painfully slow. But here I am, writing a review about the drama after finishing 16 episodes of it, with the reason why I keep watching.

Before I start, I have two main reasons why I watched this drama. First, I like the title. The direct translation from the Korean title is "I'll Go to You When the Weather is Fine". I think from the title itself is already so beautiful, so I gave it a try. Secondly is because of the cast. I like Seo Kangjoon and Lee Jaewook especially, and watched a lot of Park Minyoung's drama too before this so these 3 names are not a stranger for me. But Lee Jaewook is what attracts me the most as I watched him in Extraordinary You and thought he's really a good actor, he played a cold character in EY but in this drama his character seems to be more similar to his real personality, so it's interesting.

The drama's poster

This drama is an adaptation from a Korean novel, with the same title but as far as I know, there's no english version of the novel. Would love to read if there's one though! So basically, the story is about Haewon (Park Minyoung) who lost her job in Seoul so she came back to her hometown, in a countryside. And there she meets Eunseop (Seo Kangjoon) who actually have a crush on her for since their high school days. The thing is, Eunseop remembers everything about Haewon, but Haewon barely knows anything about Eunseop. In the small neighbourhood, Haewon is known as the daughter of a murderer, while Eunseop is known as the son of the man in the mountain. Both have rough time in their life, and they meet each other in the cold winter.

Sounds like a typical romance kdrama right? But no. Haewon and Eunseop are the main characters, but not because the whole drama is about them. It's because from them, we can see the story about other people around them. Besides Haewon and Eunseop's own love story, this drama is mainly about Haewon-how her trust is broken by her own best friend, Haewon's mother- how the village's most popular girl end up spending 7 years in jail, Haewon's aunt- how a best-seller novel author end up living her life alone in a countryside, Eunseop's history that is a lot colder than what people saw. But, this drama is lightened also with side story of Jangwoo (Lee Jaewook) and his long-time crush, Hwi (Eunseop's sister) and her crush for her senior at school. Basically, it's a drama full of little stories of different people and the different lessons we can get from it.

Like I mentioned earlier, the first two episodes are soooo slow. I can barely know what the drama is about after watching the first episode. Usually we kind of get the idea about the drama after first two episodes but it was still blurry for me, but one thing I know is I am so in love the setting of this drama. It was filmed in winter at a countryside. It was snowy, and they mostly wear thick coats or sweater and drank coffee to make themselves warm. And one of the most important key point in the drama is the monthly meeting (or is it weekly... sorry i have bad memory) at Eunseop's bookstore. It's a meeting which the bookstore club members gathered to share what they read, and here they shared poem, quotes from book, and all of them are seriously beautiful. Sometimes related to life, sometimes related to love. Just, for some reason, I can feel the warmth in this drama. The vibe overall is so cozy. So I just keep watching. The painfully slow pace gets better in the third and fourth episodes, but still very little thing is explained. Also like I said, this drama has a lot of story, so naturally while watching you'll have a lot of questions. But the answer seems to be so far that I get frustrated.

And then I realized. This drama is about life. This is the message of this drama. This is exactly what the drama wants to portray.

That, in life, you don't always get immediate answer. You don't always get to move with your pace. Some things come slow. Also when it comes to others, whatever story you know about them, it might just be the surface of it. But no one knows the deep truth unless they themselves tell it to you.

So I realized that the producer and writer of this drama are genius. And that, is the reason why I continue to watch the drama until the very end.

Also, honourable mention to Seo Kangjoon! He really, really plays as Eunseop so well. His eyes, especially. It was both warm, and cold at the same time. And that's about Eunseop. He gives warmth to others, despite keeping a cold secret to himself. I couldn't ask for a better Eunseop, seriously. And one last thing I love about this drama, the setting from episode 1-15 are in winter, while the last episode, it's in spring. The cold, hard time in life will pass and a warm, happy time is waiting for you.

However, I won't recommend the drama to just anyone. I'll recommend it if I know they love books, or they've watched a similar slow-paced drama because it is, indeed slow-paced until the very end. I myself, even though I LOVE the drama, I can never watch 2 episodes back to back. I can only watch 1 episode at one time because 1 episode feels like 2 hours. I watched the drama and left twitter for 1 hour, but once the episode ends I feel like "finally it's been soooo long". But it's really worth it, I'm glad I decide to watch this drama. The last episode is not even sad, but I cried as soon as it ends because it was so beautiful. The drama overall, it's really a beautiful and warm drama.

Sorry if my review is bad, not really my thing but I just want to let out all these feelings about this drama because no one else close to me is watching 😭 I feel like this drama will always have the special spot in my heart.

Thats all from me! Stay safe guys! And happy fasting!! May we all have a fruitful Ramadhan this year although it's not gonna be the same like our previous, normal Ramadhan 😔
Till the next time, Assalamualaikum and Goodnight 🌜

You'll know why I said Goodnight if you watch the drama ðŸĪŠ

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  1. Gonna be quiet long mian.

    Since I just finished watching this drama and I can FINALLY read this post, I just wanna say I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH. When I heard you said it was slow, I wondered if I can handle it myself... but to me, only the first ep felt like forever hahah. But it was mainly because of how vague the characters were. Then ep 2 onwards got so much more interesting.

    The most captivating part of this drama were the blog posting and the book club indeed! And yes if you love quotes and poems, weh this drama is THE ONE! Like you said, somehow you can really feel the warmth and I can't agree more!!! I felt it too. It was so heartwarming I love it ❤️️

    Seo Kang Joon's other drama 'The Third Charm' is much more painfully slow to watch but somehow I finished it and still remember the plot more vividly than any other dramas I've watched. Some dramas just aren't meant to be "wow"... it just meant to have that special place in your heart. I guess the writers saw that SKJ can portray the quiet guy type from that drama that they casted him for this. He makes me want a boy as soft as him uwu

    And Jae Wook! I watched a lot of the bts for EY simply just to see his real personality and omg his character in this drama is as cute as he is irl hahaha. I love the fact a successful student like him chose to work in that small hometown of his. That's honestly the kind of happiness people don't see. I teared so much in the last ep AND IT WASN'T EVEN THAT SAD. Such a beautiful drama. Dah la I finished watching this drama at midnight pastu dia end pulak dengan a warm wish of "goodnight" 😭😭😭

    Thank you for making me wanting to watch it too (bcos u said u can't bare to watch haha). Now this drama makes me wanna make a compilation of the beautiful quotes and wishes! 😅

    1. omg amelynn its been monthssss since i last logged in blogger so i just saw this! aaaaa i'm so happy you enjoy it as much as i do bcs no one else i know watched this drama hahaha. the way this drama is easily becomes one of the insaeng drama for me... and ikr the ending is happy but i cant help but to cry. eeee this made my day haha so happy you like it hehehe. thank you amelynn!!

  2. not a fan of slow-drama but it looks like every episodes seems to have different story? might give this one a shot. pleasant review btw!


  3. singgah sini minum Ais Latte,jom ngeteh kat blog saya :D



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