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Assalamualaikum and hiiiiiiiiii!
Rajin update? Hahahahaha don't even mention about it, tetiba je rasa nak mengarut di pagi yang indah ini. 

Representing all the single kpop fangirls out there, here are the reasons why you should date us, a kpop fan.

1. If we like you, we like you.
             Not sure if you guys know but if you don't know, I will let you know. Kpop fangirls have such high taste on man, NOT EVEN KIDDING. If you ask them to list what characteristics they would like their boyfriend to have, the list is endless. Must be tall (because most of idols and k-actors are), must have chocolate abs (because sexy af), must be cute but cool but hot but also daddy af but also have great humor at the same time (that kind of absurd character sometimes exist in kdrama) and as random as it sounds, must know how to play basketball or play guitar or a son of a super rich old man and has a brother as a competitor to inherit the wealth BECAUSE ALL GUYS IN KDRAMA WHO HAVE THAT ARE HANDSOME AF.

My point is, when kpop fans have such high taste in men, but they still choose to like you, then you're lucky because a person who sees all kind of cool guy in dramas actually likes an ordinary person like you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What more do you want?

2. We can be very very very very very very cute
              We've spend our life watching kdramas and videos of boy and girl groups on internet, and there's this thing called aegyo or acting cute. We are all masters of every cute gesture ever exist in the world, and we can even make our voice sounds cute too! Not to mention we have witnessed numerous cute things that couple do in kdramas so of course, if you to become our boyfriend, we would like to try every single thing we watched with you.

Couple t-shirts, couple rings, couple items, annoyingly cute birthday surprise, cheer on you if you have sport games, not to mention just simply walk at a park with you will make us smile while kicking our legs on the air on the bed.

Cute right? 😉

3. You don't have to overthinking and stress yourself 

              If we don't reply, it's probably because we are busy live-streaming oppa's concert that we couldn't effort to go (hint: give us tickets as present plis) If we tweeted "OH MY GOF HE LOOKS SO HOT I'M DYINGRJDJSHHAJ" , it's probably Nam Joohyuk or Park Bogum or Lee Minho. Or if we suddenly smiled while looking at our phone in front of you, it's just an instagram notification, real__pcy posted a photo or allkpop is finally deactivating. Heh.

Oh, yes, one more thing. If we're not replying, that's probably means we're watching kdramas 😁

But if you're dating fangirl yet she still replies in less than 2 seconds, consider yourself lucky. We paused the drama for you!


              Why do I say this? Because we don't have time to cheat. Even if we cheat, we go to oppar. We might switched from EXO to BTS to GOT7 faster than the light's speed but that's it. We only switched oppa but loyal af to you. We've seen many witch girls in kdramas and we hate them with passion that we swear we would never ever be like them, so we're all nice girls 😉

And like I say, we have high taste so it would be difficult for other man to impress us once we've like you 👌

5. No need to think much about birthday, anniversary gifts

               Kpop merchandises- albums, photobooks, lightstick, t-shirts, etc- official or not, as long as it relates to oppa, we'll be sooooooooo happy \^0^/ You could just buy a pair of socks with kpop group's logo on it, pretty sure we'll be crying happy tears. If you *cough* love us *cough* a free concert ticket would be nice too but yeah *cough* no pressure *cough*

But I guarantee that you'll see the most beautiful smile from your girlfriend if you got her a concert ticket as a gift. Isn't that matters the most when you're in a relationship? Making each other happy?

*hold my hands together and pray that my future boyfriend will read this*

It's 2:40 a.m now and I can't think of any more reasons atm but if I do, I will update this post! What are you waiting for? Go hunt single kpop fangirls at twitter now 😂 Though we might be hard-to-get, but trust me once you've got our attention, we'd love even tiny little things about you such as finding that mole beside your nose cute and have it as our wallpaper.

Thank you for reading my nonsense thoughts 😆

Assalamualaikum and have a good day ahead !


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