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Damansara, Kuantan | 2 Ogos 2018

Guys!!! Remember Zahi said to update her blog more frequently?? Yes!! That! Didn't!! Happen!!!!!
Let's go through what I've been doing since the end of diploma some other day, hopefully. But for now!!! I ada K-drama nak recommend untuk korang yang ada masa free nak tengok drama and untuk korang yang busy tapi sanggup tangguh kerja untuk tengok drama. Leggo!

This is the official poster for He Is Psychometric
       So, what is this "psychometric" term means? Maksud Psychometric ni dari segi istilah dia ialah bila kita sentuh something, kita dapat tahu orang/object tu punya past? Oh my god i'm so bad at this hshshjashajs OKAY CAMNI, bila sentuh kan, kita boleh tengok what happened before tak kiralah kita sentuh orang ke, objek ke haa camtu lah lebih kurang. So the main character, Lee An (played by GOT7's Jinyoung) has that ability. Sounds cool right??? Tapi... Lee An ni macam sengal (bahasa kasar: bodoh) sikit so jangan mudah tertipu dengan lelaki handsome okay guys 😔👌🏻 Ok gurau, since Lee An ni agak sengal (bahasa kasar: bodoh) sikit so it's interesting to see how he make use of this special ability of his. Meanwhile the female lead pulak, Yoon Jaein (played by Shin Yeeun), is a girl with a huge secret. Like, huge HUGE secret. She's trying so hard to live while keeping that huge secret from others, so when one day both Jaein and Lee An cross path, is it a good thing or not? Haaa, jeng jeng jeng. That's where the fun starts!

And turns out, Lee An and Yoon Jaein are actually related in more ways than they could ever expect 👀 *insert dramatic violin music here*

       To be honest, the reason I first watched this drama is sebab ada Jinyoung and Yeeun, Jinyoung because he's from my favourite kpop group, GOT7 and Yeeun pulak sebab suka tengok dia berlakon dalam web drama A-Teen (ni pun highly recommended, ada dekat Youtube!) But He is Psychometric, starting from the first episode, already exceed my expectation! My favourite element is how the editors arrange the plot and timeline of the drama. This drama actually involves both past and present timeline, but unlike some other dramas, it is arranged nicely that bila kita tengok, kita tak confuse and kita boleh easily indentify when is when.

       Secondly, I looove how tak ada satu moment pun yang I rasa bosan. Even dekat part yang tak serious and intense pun, the drama is filled with light scenes yang kelakar and and you can enjoy, and kind of like a moment to breathe? So you tak always bosan and at the same time you tak always serious je sambil tengok drama. Like, orang tengok drama nak release stress so kalau setiap masa kerja serious nak cari pembunuh je tak ke lagi stress? Kan guys? Please cakap setuju hahaha. The flow is this drama of just nice, not too rushing and  not too slow. You won't feel overloaded with banyak sangat fakta and hints in one episode, yet it's not empty too. Just enough to not make your brain explode 👌🏻

        Thirdly, I love the characters. The characters really complement each other SO well. Like, SO well. The chemistry is A+ I tell you. The relationship between the characters evolve so naturally, not forced, not overdone, although it's fated for the characters to meet each other, it's not tak logik or cliche kind of fated, if you understand what I mean? They don't just meet after 152726536 years sebab terlanggar dekat jalan, but there's a solid reason and a story line on how they meet. And I love how detailed the production team in finding their actors. Especially in matching the child actors with the actors that will play the adult role. If you guys tengok, you guys can really tell how similar they are. Which is, not something we get in a lot of kdrama. I suka details, so I suka perhatikan benda-benda remeh(but not so remeh) macam ni, so I can say I'm really impressed with this!

       Last but not least, or the most important one actually, the story line. Of course lah drama ambik pelakon paling hebat dalam dunia pun tapi kalau story line "meh", I won't stay and watch the drama okay ☕ This is coming from someone yang tengok drama pilih actor, if actor tu yang I tak familiar or I tak minat, there's a high chance I won't watch walaupun it's viral or everyone is talking about it. That's just me btw. So, guys, bila I yang start tengok this drama because of the actors, but I, stayed for the story line, that means the story line gold guys! Look into my eyes and trust me. Join my MLM! Tiber kan hahahah. I tak boleh cerita banyak pasal the story line sebab I takut I will spoil everything but I jamin it has a great story line, so far 8 episode I tengok ni. And, the genre of this drama is Romance Thriller, so korang yang suka tengok drama pasal kes-kes bunuh, but not too deadly serious, ada kelakar and romance secukup rasa, this drama is highly recommended! 

         So dekat mana korang boleh tengok cerita ni? Firstly, if korang ada Viu, boleh tengok dekat situ. Secondly, boleh tengok jugak dekat 8TV (showtime I tak sure sorryyy) but not really recommended sebab iklan lama + potong-potong (biasalah Malaysia dan iklan lama berpisah tiada), and lastly if nak tengok online, I biasa tengok dekat ondramanice ! Drama ni tayang dekat Korea hari Isnin and Selasa pukul 8.30 malam kalau tak silap, and dekat website ni biasanya dah ada english subtitle in about 12 hours macam tu je so this is the fastest site I know and also website yang tak leceh ada seribu ads sexy dekat tepi-tepi hahaha. 

My explanations and review sucks but please PLEASE give this drama a chance. I guarantee korang tak menyesal. If korang menyesal, datang balik dekat blog I and comment dekat post ni and naikkan traffic blog I hahahahahha okk gurau BUT PLEASE. WATCH. THE. DRAMA LIKE PLEASE I TAK PERNAH MERAYU MACAM NI SEUMUR HIDUP I.

Okay tu je, bye.
Assalamualaikum 😊

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  1. i'll be your first reader and supporter. This drama looks really interesting to you , maybe ill try watch this ! Thanks

    1. Thank you anon! Not sure if you're the same anon that always comment on my posts but really, thank you! ♡

  2. im waiting for this to end hehe then bru tgk

    1. make sure tengok tau! you takkan menyesal hehehe


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